*Recording made during the summer of 2019 (video source)*

Research Aims

Key questions keeping me up at night:

  • How do we break into the economic market as children?

  • How do we develop and change as consumers as we age?

  • How do social norms guide our economic decision making?

Research News

In response to COVID-19, the Center for Decision Research moved its lab operations online. As a part of this effort, I created and manage the child arm of the CDR Virtual Lab. Learn more about our ongoing work with children here.

Recent Publications:

  • Echelbarger, M., Good, K., & Shaw, A. (2020). Will she give you two cookies for one chocolate?: Children’s intuitions about trade. Judgment and Decision Making, 16(6), 959-971. (shared first authorship)

  • Echelbarger, M. (2020). Children and money. In H. Montgomery (Ed.), Oxford Bibliographies in Childhood Studies. New York: Oxford University Press.

  • Echelbarger, M., Maimaran, M., & Gelman, S. A. (2020). Children’s variety seeking in food choices. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research5(3), 322-328.

Upcoming & Recent Invited Talks:

  • Psychology Brownbag, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities - 4/21/21

  • Methods Hour, University of Michigan - 3/26/21

  • Social Psychology Brownbag, Loyola University Chicago - 3/3/21

  • Developmental Psychology Area Colloquium, University of Chicago - 1/25/21 

  • Developmental Psychology Brownbag, University of Texas - 11/30/20

  • Cognitive Science Seminar, University of Michigan - 10/26/20

  • Cooperation Lab, Boston College - 9/30/20

  • Developmental Psychology Brownbag, University of Virginia - 9/23/20

  • Marketing Research Brownbag, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University - 9/11/20

Upcoming & Recent Conference Talks:

  • Decentering Whiteness: Calling for Change in the Instruction of Research Methods - SIPS 2021 (Co-chairing with Dr. Tissyana Camacho)

  • Finding Your Writing Community: In-Person and Online - SRCD 2021 Professional Development Session (Chair)

  • Undervaluing the Positive Impact Prosocial Acts Have on Others Starts Early (work with Nicholas Epley) in "From Expectations to Experiences: Understanding Prosociality in Childhood" - SRCD 2021 Symposium (Chair)

  • Older Children Expect Debts to be Repaid (work with Megan Norris and Nicholaus Noles) in "Clarifying Links Between Children’s Sociomoral Reasoning and Reasoning About Money" - SPSP 2021 Symposium (Chair: James Dunlea)

  • Co-organizer of SRCD Special Topics Workshop "Addressing and Reducing Inequality Through Developmental Science" 


Recent Conference Posters:

  • Not Knowing How to Know: Adults Underestimate the Efficacy of Getting Perspective - SJDM 2020 


Public Communications:

  • A Behavioral Scientist's Advice for Giving the Perfect Gift (Forge, article)

  • Kids are probably more strategic about swapping Halloween candy and other stuff than you may think (The Conversation, research brief)

  • Kids can have their cake and their broccoli too (Chicago Booth Review, article)

  • Saving money is hard to do (Million Bazillion, podcast interview)