At the University of Chicago, I have assisted with the following MBA course through the Booth School of Business as a Teaching Assistant (TA):

  • Designing a Good Life (two terms)


At the University of Michigan, I taught the following course as an Instructor of Record:

  • Developmental Psychology Lab (upper-level writing/research methods course; one term)


At the University of Michigan, I taught the following courses as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI):

  • Developmental Psychology Lab (upper-level writing/research methods course; four terms)

  • Introduction to Developmental Psychology (one term)

I was also a Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA) for MBA courses at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management:

  • Marketing Research and Analytics (one term)

  • Launching New Products and Services (two terms)

While a graduate teaching instructor, I sought training through UM's Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT).

  • Award: Rackham Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award (departmental nominee; 2018)

  • Certification: Graduate Teacher Certificate (Winter 2017)


  • Completed CRLT Seminars: CRLT Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Teaching Orientation; Advanced Practices for Inclusive Teaching; Facilitating Discussions in the Social Sciences and Humanities; Tools First: How Can Emerging Digital Scholarship Tools Inspire Your Teaching?; Developing Your Teaching Philosophy, Writing and Grading Exams; Research-Based Practices for College Teaching; Engaging Students in Large Courses

2014-2015 Living Lab RAs (and UROP students) engaging with a child participant at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum (from left to right): Daniel and Julia

2015-2016 "Money Spending and Saving in Childhood" RAs (from left to right): Taylor, Emma, Tanvi, Kristina, and Dany.

Winter 2018 RAs (Emma, Ergest, Haley, Leah, Nicole, Sarah, and Zaina) saved us from the Zombie Apocalypse with one second to spare!

Research Mentorship

At Michigan, I have mentored 55 undergraduates and recent graduates via the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), Independent Studies, MSPICED, and Volunteer Opportunities.

As a part of their research training, students:

  • Gain insight into the research process from idea generation through publication

  • Learn how to read scholarly articles, with emphasis on how to extract  pertinent information

  • Practice evaluating prior research and identifying motivations for the current questions under study

  • Acquire data collection, entry, and management skills, adhering to best practices

  • Engage in scientific discourse with peer researchers and participant families

  • Practice and receive feedback on written responses to research-related prompts and inquiries

  • Identify future opportunities for research given own research interests

MSPICED RAs Haley and Sara present on variety seeking in childhood during the inaugural MSPICED Poster Fair.

Thank you to my Fall 2017 RAs for a fun and productive semester! (from left to right): Standing: Haley, Liesl, Ergest, Allison, Sarah, Nicole, and Paru. Sitting: Zaina, Aiya, Zahra, and Emma. Not Pictured: Cathy, Ethan, Gizem, Leah, Melissa, Sandra, Sarah, and Zahraa.

Student Course Reviews

The lab was really helpful in clearly explaining each activity or writing assignment as they came up. This class was one of the most rewarding classes during my time at this university and I can say that it has taught me well how to write a research paper. Margaret was an awesome GSI and I liked her more and more as the semester continued. She is hilarious. (Fall 2014)

Margaret was an awesome GSI, who was sensitive to her students and always made herself available for extra assistance. Classroom activities were fun, but also taught about the topics at hand. (Winter 2015)

Margaret was by far the best GSI I have ever had at this university. She is so knowledgeable, available, and helpful. She made this course a great experience! Thank you! (Winter 2015)

Margaret was an awesome GSI. She always encouraged us to email her with questions and come to her office hours. When we attended office hours she walked us through our questions clearly. When we emailed her she explained our question the best she could. For our assignments she gave us thorough feedback so we could receive the highest grade possible. She really cared about all of the students and she really wanted them all to get the highest grade possible. Really great GSI. (Fall 2015)

Margaret was awesome. She gave excellent feedback, and was so clear about what was required on assignments. She was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Plus, she's super nice and funny. (Winter 2016)

I absolutely love and adore Miss Echelbarger. She is hands down the best GSI I ever had. (Fall 2016)

Margaret always had a great lesson plan, lecture slides and activities planned for students. I hope to experience GSIs in the future with the passion and wit that Margaret brought to our discussion. (Fall 2016)

This class was very well taught. Margaret was easily the most accessible professor I've ever had. She responded to my emails almost immediately. She was able to make particularly dry material very accessible and interesting. (Spring 2018)

Research Mentee Reviews

It has been wonderful working with you this summer. You are so dedicated to what you do, and that is evident in your work and in how you expect us to do our work for you. You set necessarily and attainably high expectations for your RAs...The way that you work so hard to set us up for success brings out my best work ethic, and that is a very valuable dynamic to be fostering as a mentor. (Summer 2016)

I thought that you really managed to create a great space for learning over these past few months...When we made mistakes, you were really good at using those as teaching moments as well. (Summer 2016)

One thing I really enjoyed this semester and overall this year has to be Margaret bringing everyone together and having us get to know each other. This really helped make a comfortable lab. (Winter 2017)

Margaret is an incredible research mentor. Margaret cares about each and every one of her students, no matter how long she has been your mentor. She is always open to answer questions, and does so in a timely (almost instantaneous) matter. I never feel uncomfortable asking questions, asking for advice or giving commentary. (Fall 2017)

Margaret is an incredibly diligent and invested research mentor...Her instruction on research methodology, transcription and coding practices, and statistical analysis has exceeded the depth of many of my psychology courses at U of M. She has gone above and beyond the expectations of an instructor or mentor, and her dedication and compassion for her students is absolutely commendable. (Fall 2017)

Margaret is the best research mentor and mentor in general that I have had throughout my college experience. She deeply cares about all of our success inside and outside of the lab and goes above and beyond to ensure we have all of the resources we need to attain that success. Margaret definitely strives to make us the best research assistants possible. On top of making my research experience so enjoyable, she also hosted many outside bonding events for our lab which were always entertaining! (Winter 2018)

Margaret was by far the most amazing mentor I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is very passionate when it comes to her work, and is on top of everything. She was very organized and was quick to answer any questions anyone would have without hesitation, and I hope to continue working with her in the future. (Summer 2018)


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