At the University of Chicago, I have assisted with the following MBA course through the Booth School of Business as a Teaching Assistant (TA):

  • Designing a Good Life (five terms)


At the University of Michigan, I taught the following course as an Instructor of Record:

  • Research Methods in Developmental Psychology (upper-level writing/research methods course; one term)


At the University of Michigan, I taught the following courses as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI):

  • Research Methods in Developmental Psychology (upper-level writing/research methods course; four terms)

  • Introduction to Developmental Psychology (one term)

I was also a Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA) for MBA courses at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management:

  • Marketing Research and Analytics (one term)

  • Launching New Products and Services (two terms)

While a graduate teaching instructor, I sought training through UM's Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT).

  • Award: Rackham Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award (departmental nominee; 2018)

  • Certification: Graduate Teacher Certificate (Winter 2017)


  • Completed CRLT Seminars: CRLT Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Teaching Orientation; Advanced Practices for Inclusive Teaching; Facilitating Discussions in the Social Sciences and Humanities; Tools First: How Can Emerging Digital Scholarship Tools Inspire Your Teaching?; Developing Your Teaching Philosophy, Writing and Grading Exams; Research-Based Practices for College Teaching; Engaging Students in Large Courses

MSPICED RAs Haley and Sara present on variety seeking in childhood during the inaugural MSPICED Poster Fair.

Thank you to my Fall 2017 RAs for a fun and productive semester! (from left to right): Standing: Haley, Liesl, Ergest, Allison, Sarah, Nicole, and Paru. Sitting: Zaina, Aiya, Zahra, and Emma. Not Pictured: Cathy, Ethan, Gizem, Leah, Melissa, Sandra, Sarah, and Zahraa.

Thanks to my awesome Summer 2019 CDR Field RAs, we were able to make a great progress on a new study! Nick, Yvita, Helena, and Sarah (from L to R). 

Winter 2018 RAs (Emma, Ergest, Haley, Leah, Nicole, Sarah, and Zaina) saved us from the Zombie Apocalypse with one second to spare!

2015-2016 "Money Spending and Saving in Childhood" RAs (from left to right): Taylor, Emma, Tanvi, Kristina, and Dany.

2014-2015 Living Lab RAs (and UROP students) engaging with a child participant at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum (from left to right): Daniel and Julia

Research Mentorship

I have mentored students completing undergraduate and master's theses and have mentored over 50 undergraduates and post-baccalaureates via different research assistant opportunities.

As a part of their research training, students:

  • Gain insight into the research process from idea generation through publication

  • Learn how to read scholarly articles, with emphasis on how to extract  pertinent information

  • Practice evaluating prior research and identifying motivations for the current questions under study

  • Acquire data collection, entry, and management skills, adhering to best practices

  • Engage in scientific discourse with peer researchers and participant families

  • Practice and receive feedback on written responses to research-related prompts and inquiries

  • Identify future opportunities for research given own research interests

Additional Service

  • Learn more about my recent campaign to raise funds to supply current and prospective PhD students with A Field Guide to Grad School by Dr. Jess Calarco here.

  • Learn more about my group for BIPOC students navigating the PhD application process here.

  • Learn more about the Opt4STEM program at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center (a magnet high school in Chicago) here (on Advisory Team).


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