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Research with Children
Child Consumer Behavior Lab

Thank you for visiting our website! Here, you'll find more information about who we are and the work we're doing with children to better understand how we develop as decision makers.


The Child Consumer Behavior Lab at Stony Brook University is led by Dr. Margaret Echelbarger, an assistant professor of marketing. As part of the Stony Brook University's College of Business, the Child Consumer Behavior Lab members seek to understand how children develop as decision makers with the goal to improve well-being across the lifespan.


We conduct studies with children as young as 4 years of age via Zoom. Our studies typically ask children to listen to stories and respond to a series of questions. Each study is designed to be interactive and fun, and studies last approximately 5-15 minutes.

All studies require access to a laptop or desktop computer that will allow your child(ren) to easily see our stories and questions. We're happy to answer any questions that you may have about the compatibility of your technology with our studies. Please email Dr. Margaret Echelbarger ( or the Child Consumer Behavior Lab ( with any questions.

We also invite parents to remain present during study sessions; however, we ask that they do not intervene. If you are a parent or legal guardian with children and would like more information about participating in our child decision making studies, please complete the form at the link below and we will follow up with you when studies for your child(ren) become available!


Dr. Margaret Echelbarger

Lab Director



Teasia Crenshaw

Research Assistant


Samantha Navarro 

Research Assistant



More information to come soon!

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