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Student & Mentee Feedback

Stony Brook University, College of Business

Social Media Marketing (instructor of record)

  • The most valuable thing about this course was Professor Echelbarger. She did an amazing job providing information and knowledge about the topics of the class, not to mention she brought in guest speakers (online and in-person) who are knowledgable in the field of social media marketing. She also made her own Discord channel that allowed for discussion about current social media marketing topics, current news, and it was another way to communicate with her...

  • Dr. Echelbarger does a phenomenal job of teaching the material and making her class engaging by including interesting examples of class concepts on her slides, procuring meaningful guest speakers, and through her sense of humor. She's also very approachable, and it's clear she's passionate about helping students. She not only offers support with performing well in her class but also with securing jobs and internships through her offer of looking over resumes and cover letters during office hours.

University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

Designing a Good Life (teaching assistant)

  • Margaret’s specific feedback on all our thought papers really invoked some great discussions within our study group. She pointed us in the right direction and gave us something to think about.

  • I requested for a meeting to obtain additional feedback on some topics and she promptly responded and a time was jointly scheduled. The feedback was insightful and very helpful with my learning subsequently.

  • Margaret has a good and in depth knowledge of the subject and also came across as very calm and helpful. She made herself available whenever I had any additional queries.

  • The TA's contributed to the success of the class. It was difficult given this was the first virtual class, but it was clear the TA's went to great lengths to make it engaging, fun, and an excellent learning environment considering the situation.


University of Michigan

Research Methods in Developmental Psychology (instructor of record)

  • This class was very well taught. Margaret was easily the most accessible professor I've ever had. She responded to my emails almost immediately. She was able to make particularly dry material very accessible and interesting.

  • Margaret was an amazing teacher! I learned so much in this short amount of time and this class has prepared me for my future upper level Psychology classes.

  • I really enjoyed the work in this class. I have never taken a research course before and Margaret did an excellent job of teaching me how to conduct a study and write a paper...She was always enthusiastic and energized in class every day, which made coming to a spring term class much easier.

University of Michigan

Research Methods in Developmental Psychology (graduate student instructor)

  • The lab was really helpful in clearly explaining each activity or writing assignment as they came up. This class was one of the most rewarding classes during my time at this university and I can say that is has taught me well how to write a research paper. Margaret was an awesome GSI and I liked her more and more as the semester continued. She is hilarious...

  • ...I thought that Margaret presented the information very clearly and was always willing to meet outside of class, either by appointment or via email, to clarify any questions. I feel like I learned a lot from this course and it has prepared me for success in future scientific writing.

  • Margaret was by far the best GSI I have ever had at this university. She is so knowledgeable, available, and helpful. She made this course a great experience! Thank you!

  • Margaret was an awesome GSI, who was sensitive to her students and always made herself available for extra assistance. Classroom activities were fun, but also taught about the topics at hand.

  • ...Margaret was incredible. She would meet with us any time, she actually cared about our work and about helping us learn. She always responded quickly to emails with questions I would have about papers or assignments. Best GSI I have EVER had (and I'm a senior!).

  • Margaret was an awesome GSI. She always encouraged us to email her with questions and come to her office hours. When we attended office hours she walked us through our questions clearly. When we emailed her she explained our question the best she could. For our assignments she gave us thorough feedback so we could receive the highest grade possible. She really cared about all of the students and she really wanted them all to get the highest grade possible. Really great GSI.

University of Michigan

Introduction to Developmental Psychology (graduate student instructor) 

  • Margaret always had a great lesson plan, lecture slides and activities planned for students. I hope to experience GSIs in the future with the passion and wit that Margaret brought to our discussion.

  • Margaret is super nice and helpful. I really liked her. She's also HILARIOUS.

  • My GSI, Margaret was amazing! She always went above and beyond in her teaching and truly wanted the best for her students. I wouldn't be doing well in this course if it was not for her help.

  • Excellent; 10/10; Great GSI and teacher.

  • Was done very well and was always engaging with a proper plan for each discussion. Margaret really made sure that each student fully understood the material before moving on to new topics.

  • Margaret- you were a great GSI! I looked forward to this discussion each week because the material was always fun. The activities in lecture were engaging and helped reiterate important concepts. Additionally, I felt like Margaret was very helpful and encouraged us to reach out and get help if needed. Overall loved this course and discussion!!

University of Chicago & University of Michigan

Research Assistants & Mentees

  • Margaret is an incredibly diligent and invested research mentor...Her instruction on research methodology, transcription and coding practices, and statistical analysis has exceeded the depth of many of my psychology courses at U of M. She has gone above and beyond the expectations of an instructor or mentor, and her dedication and compassion for her students is absolutely commendable.

  • Margaret has been a great research mentor and academic mentor for me during my undergrad and graduate experience. I have worked with her for over 2 years and have nothing but good things to say. She has helped me in my academic pursuits while also strengthening my research skills. I was paired with her for a summer program and have stuck around since. I feel respected by her and know she would support me in any way she possibly can. She really values her mentees and research assistants and shows her appreciation well.

  • Margaret goes above and beyond in her willingness to help undergraduates pursue their research and career interests. In my experience working with her and running her studies as a research assistant, she has been nothing but helpful, always willing to provide advice and resources. She also works to cultivate relationships with and between the RAs working on her studies, so that we can function as a small team within the overall lab environment. These relationships make it much easier to provide feedback on her studies, but they also foster a sense of purpose among us RAs that makes running Margaret's studies much more meaningful.

  • You are dedicated and generous with your time, making it easy for newcomers to approach and engage with you. If you can't address something in the moment, you always offer to follow up with the appropriate resource or another meeting to ensure the topic is thoroughly addressed. Your drive and commitment are incredibly inspiring, shining a light on you as a clear role model in an organization filled with other postdocs. You provide straightforward guidance and actionable next steps for typically complicated processes like research design and graduate school applications. You balance encouragement and constructive criticism in a way that's motivating and achievable. You value feedback from all levels, signaling your openness and genuine desire to grow.

  • Margaret is an inspiring and tremendously supportive mentor. She is very understanding and always willing to help. She helps me with my preparation and smooth transition to my MA program. I am truly grateful for the guidance and the feedback that I have received for every piece of my written work. She values my opinions and initiatives, while always encouraging me to think more deeply and critically about my ideas. I am lucky to have her as my mentor!

Let's Talk Grad School Group (recipient of SIPS 2021 Commendation Award)

  • Margaret, the time and attention you've put into this workshop is invaluable. I've been to diversity weekends or university-hosted workshops in the past, and none have come close to the information and tools you have given us access to. Every time we meet, you are respectful of our time and have everything so well planned and thought out. And introducing us to people in industry, faculty members, other students and post-docs - you've really allowed us to expand our network and have a more well-rounded view of what the careers we are pursuing look like. You can't google this stuff. You make yourself accessible to all of us prospective-students, and genuinely want the best for us.

  • ...Margaret was incredibly thoughtful, supportive and intentional; she possesses an uplifting charisma that is helpful and inspiring while not being coddling. She and the other folks in the group encouraged me to appreciate the process of sharing space in order to build community and really sit and ask myself necessary pointed questions in order to assess how to take action to reach my goals. In a time of great uncertainty in my life, I cannot thank her enough for all that she did for me.

  • ...Through our talks, I've shed a lot of anxiety that I had about the application process. Coming from a family of immigrants, I didn't even really know what the grad school experience was like, let alone knowing how to make my application competitive. You've shared some very helpful resources like application fee waivers, programs for URMs, and funding opportunities. It's clear that you take this role very seriously, as the content is always well structured and highly efficient. Your passion for helping students also shines through the way you prioritize our mental well-being, especially as we face challenges in this pandemic. The fact that you do all of this for us with nothing in return is truly amazing and I am forever grateful!

  • You are a great a role model for us and I love that you remain your authentic self. You answer our questions in a timely manner and if you do not know the answer, you help us find it. Every moment becomes a teaching moment so we are constantly learning without it ever really feeling like learning...

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